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Based in New York City, Pawar Capital Investments is a family-backed private investment firm seeking to acquire, recapitalize and assist in the operation of US-based lower middle-market businesses.

Pawar Capital was founded on the principle that we build businesses, not just invest in them. We realize there are many businesses in the lower middle-market that lack sources of capital to meet their needs. As a firm, we aim not only to meet these capital needs, but also leverage our expertise for the benefit of our portfolio companies to create long-term, sustainable value.



Generational Changes of Ownership

We offer owners of family businesses complete or partial liquidity while providing an active role for subsequent generations and working to preserve a company's culture & legacy.

Growth Capital

We invest in companies seeking capital to finance internal growth add-on acquisitions or reduction of financial leverage.

Management Buyouts and Leveraged Buyouts

We acquire small to mid-sized businesses or divisions of larger companies that can  benefit from an energized financial and strategic partner.


We provide owners of closely held businesses with liquidity while allowing them to retain significant ownership and day-to-day operational control.


Profitable companies with a defensible market niche ad strong asset base may under-perform earnings potential due to management or ownership circumstances that are not optimized. We seek to improve the efficiency and profits of these firms by working and investing with revitalized management. We will consider restructuring and operational turnarounds on a selective basis where there is a clear path to recovery.

Mezzanine Debt

We will consider sub-debt investments under certain circumstances.





Closely held companies owned by a founding family, entrepreneur and/or management teams seeking to grow or transition ownership


Companies headquartered in USA. We many invest opportunistically in export-oriented companies with US end markets


Strong scalable management teams with aligned goals


Strong defensible market position


Proven, profitable and scalable business model


Differentiated products or services


Multiple identifiable levers for value-creation


Favorable industry and macroeconomic trends



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Maz Pawar

Managing Partner

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